Campsite-Styled Food Truck Court Announces Opening Date

The Seventh Street Truck Park will open at 214 West 7th Street in St. Paul on Friday August 25. The owners of New Bohemia are launching the food hall populated by a collection of vintage trucks fashioned into their vision of a “trailer park.” The 7,000 square foot warehouse has been populated by vintage road machines retrofitted for food and beer, walls covered in corrugated tin and license plates.

According to an article by the Star Tribune, the park will have three separate bars: one for original drinks, one serving tiki drinks, and one even serving bottles of Mad Dog 40/ 40, spiked Kool Aid and Boone’s Farm for those with nostalgia for bad decisions and broken curfews.

Food will include New York style pizza crust with bizarre toppings like alligator and rattlesnake, fried chicken, and street tacos along with other bar-friendly food options. An ice cream sandwich truck will be stocked with Sebastian Joe’s, giant T-Rex cookies, and doughnuts from nearby Mojo Monkey.


Eric Drommerhausen